Sunday, September 27, 2009

beSt s0ng..

Sana'khoodu Ma`arikana Ma`ahum
We'll take our fights with them
Wa sanam dhiJi moo`an Narda`uhum
We'll go as groups to stop them
Wa nu`eedul haqqal mug-tasaba
We'll return our slain rights (territories)
Wa bi kullil quwwati Nad-fa`uhum
With all force we'll push them out

Bisilaahil haqqil battari
By the weapon of truth (meaning that they are the people who have the right, the right will always go back to its owners one day, no matter how long wrong lasts)
Sanu harriru ardhal ahraari
We'll free the land of the frees (meaning that their dignity always made them free)
Wanu`eedul tuhraa ilal qudsi
We'll return the pureness of Islam to Al-Quds (meaning it wasn't pure under non Muslim leadership)
Min Ba`didh-dhuli wadhal `aree
After our weakness our humiliation

Wa sanamdhi Nadukkum-Ma'aqilahum
We'll carry on bring down their fortresses
Bi dawyyin Daamin Yuqliquhum
With strong sounds that will scare them
Wa sanam hul `ara' Bi`ayy-deena
We'll erase our humiliation by our own hands
Wa biqullil quwwati Narda'uhum
With all force we'll stop them

Lan Nardha Bijuz-in Muhtallin
We'll never accept a slain part of our lands
Lan Natruka Shibral-lildh-dhulli
We'll never leave out a bit of our land for them to humiliate us with
Satamourul ardhu Wa tahriquhum
The Earth will burst in flames and burn them
Fil ardhi Baraakeenun Taghli
In Earth there is volcanoes that are boiling (he's pointing to how much Muslims have in their hearts from having their lands slain rights taken)

Artist: Tariq Jabir


cahaya_ketenangan said...

salam ziarah!!
the best song!!

cyborg said...

lagu jiwa..=)